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If you really want to make a change in your life, but don't know how, then read on! 
 Do you wish to only believe or do you really wish to ACHIEVE?
 Network Marketing success depends the most these factors - Early Joining, Genuine Plan, Liability Free, Realistic Returns. is a brand new company with all these qualities. Real returns with a long term vision. If you feel lost in the network marketing industry, this is your harbour.
 Top leaders are welcome to grab the top positions in their district, state or zone!
 Joining - Rs. 7000
 Fixed Minimum Monthly Income - Rs. 3100
 Direct Referral Income - Rs. 700 / reference
 Binary Benefit - Rs. 700/ pair (1:1)
 Few districts, states and zones remaining for master users (franchisee)

 Here is the details of "BUSINESS PLAN"
 You can join allhitdeals...
 Pro Users (Fixed minimum monthly income of 3100 points [approx.])
You can become a Pro user by providing a UID serial and number in your account control panel. You can purchase this UID from the company or its representatives for 7000/- points. On becoming a Pro User, you earn points for:

The following is the benefit structure:
Daily Login Bonus - 50 points
Deal Points - 5 to 15 points per deal view (At least 11 deals per day will be received)
Affiliation Points - 700 points per person who affiliates with us on your recommendation
Team Points - 700 points per pair anywhere in the whole group (balanced 1:1 each in Group A and Group B)


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ID: 105498026
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